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Environmental Care

For us it is very important to take care of the environment and resources. Therefore, we follow a set of guidelines based on this objective.

  • Preservation of flora and wildlife
  • The tour of the park is through a wooded path of native species (carob, chañar, tala, espinillo, piquillín, peje, molle, etc..) where the visitor is introduced to who the Comechingones were, its origins, as they were, location, when they lived here, etc.

    We respect the native vegetation as it was, no planted trees. We encourage the preservation of wild animals that roam the area: foxes, guinea pigs, ferrets, overo lizard and bird species.

  • Waste separation for recycling
  • The Park adheres to the laws of waste treatment separating waste at source, then the garbage truck takes them to the Waste Treatment Plant "El Jote" existing on Route 28.
    We have differentiated garbage cans with appropriate signage indicating where you should throw organic and inorganic waste. The corresponding bags must be taken every day to the general basket located on the street.

  • Minimization of electricity
  • All property is illuminated with LED lights allowing considerable savings on electricity with the advantage of no outbreaks temperature rise and therefore do not attract nocturnal insects.
    We use solar panels. The park has 100% of emergency light by solar panels. In the future, we will use full solar energy.
    Construction with extensive use of natural light in order to save electricity.

  • Minimization of water utilization
  • To feed the waterfall shown in one of the recreations of the park we have a closed water circulation circuit.
    Health faucets feature automatic cut to avoid excessive consumption of this resource.
    Water is a resource we all should care. In particular, in this region the water is not abundant, in fact we went through months of drought.

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