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Respect the Community

  • Spread visitors the history of the region
  • The park itself has a social function of historical and cultural dissemination in the region. This makes the tourist to know and respect our past and national heritage.

  • Promote respect for the historical and cultural heritage of the region
  • Archaeological sites, pictographs and petroglyphs are testimony of our ancestors. Unfortunately, they are not protected so it is needed that each of us has the sensitivity to take care of them. IT is import not to lose this testimony which was kept for many years.
    The preservation of these sites is encouraged in the tour. We ask our visitors and the community at large to help us care for these sites with small actions such as: not leave stones or objects, not damage the pictographs, not do fire in eaves, warn authorities of any archaeological find, etc.

  • Historical research
  • The ongoing research of archaeologists, anthropologists and historians carried update the knowledge we have about it.
    We make our own historical research to contribute to this knowledge and make it known to our visitors.

  • Participation in the Foundation for the Villa de Merlo University
  • This is part of our social commitment. The region needs to expand its academic offerings with careers that are related to the problems of the twenty-first century for the care of the environment and resources. Also racing that reveal even more about our past and the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

  • In showroom we have only have crafts and handmade products by artisans and local producers.
  • We have a strong commitment to local artisans and producers. The crafts that are expose are unique regarding the different indigenous cultures of America.
    On the other hand, take care that crafts made in ceramics do not have lead in their coloring.

  • Agreement with the Universidad Nacional de San Luis
  • Internships for students of tourism and related careers are made in the Park.

  • Discounts on entry value to local residents and schools
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