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Learn how ancient people lived in Conlara Valley

quienes eran Origin
costumbres Customs
telar Loom
alfareria Pottery
caza Hunting
agricultura Agriculture
pictografias Pictographs

We find the Yucat Theme Park in Merlo San Luis which back us in time to a town where you can visit Comechingon pit houses -- which were semi subterranean dwellings where they lived -- to learn about their customs, clothing, hunting techniques, agriculture, pottery and appreciate their dazzling their pictographs.

During the tour, you can know the life of the ancient people of the Conlara Valley and the Comechingones Mountain Ranges experienced as if you were really at that time. To do this, we combine various sets, reproductions of tools and utensils of daily use in various scenes depicting the Comechingones' life.
Each scene is marked and explained in graphics and text easy to read, resulting in a didactic learning for school-age children and a new tourist attraction for adults in general.

Know the history of our people. Do not forget to visit us. We wait you!

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The GUIDELINES FAMILY HOLIDAYS include services and recreational activities for the enjoyment of family group considering safety aspects and making sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.
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